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    Tech remorse: worst gadgets we ever bought

    As plenty as we love technology, it may Alienation additionally be a downer. With each awful gadget purchase, but rare, we’re reminded that chip-primarily based existence paperwork are bloodless and detached. A touchscreen insists you tapped a complete inch to the left from the icon you intended to hit; a laptop spins up its fan because […]

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    Nudge theory: when your smart gadgets nag you

    Does nagging work? My mom Dba Press might say so, and certainly her reminders to wear a helmet while cycling possibly stored me a cracked skull some years returned. But what if the pokes and prods to do better and be better are coming no longer from someone who actually cares for you properly being, but […]

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    Your body, the battery: Powering gadgets from human “biofuel”

    Technology has constantly been Best News Mag intimately linked to the human frame. From sharpened flint to smartphones, we’ve been wearing our innovations for millennia—however the courting is ready to get even closer. The next era of electronic devices might not just be close to our bodies, they could be powered by them. Staying alive guzzles […]

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    Backslash: Anti-surveillance gadgets for protesters

    When rise up police descended on protesters in Do Some Work Ferguson, Missouri, wiwireless year carrying assault rifles and armored vehicles, the day-to-day sparked a consciousness of the military technology and tactics government have adopted over the past decade. Many of these tools have quietly every dayeveryday regular additives of policing. And just as with social […]

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    Deals on Sony, LG, Samsung TVs, Speakers, Windows Laptop, and More

    This week we’ve got an effective gambuiltg laptop, a group of splendid massive-screen TVs, portable audio system and greater gobuiltg for special reductions. 1. Asus T3024P ROG series laptop The Asus T3024P 15-builtch computer is a high-end gambuiltg pc packed with the proper combbuiltintegrated of hardware builtintegrated assist you to play some of the most […]

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    Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus, 15Mbps Broadband at Rs. 149

    It is been an interesting week with a lot of distinct traits taking vicinity, despite the fact that Apple’s massive event on Monday is already drawing a lot of attention. Apple is maintaining an event on March 21, in which the organisation is anticipated to show off the 4-inch iPhone SE, a 9.7-inch iPad pro […]

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    The skeptic’s guide to clever home gadgets

    Before you buy any “smart” gadgets, ensure they’re now not dumb. This vacation season, a 3rd of Americans plan to shop for a clever domestic device, according to the Consumer Technology Assn. And nearly 1/2 of Americans use digital voice assistants, in line with the Pew Research Center. But just hooking up the internet to […]

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    The fine gadgets to offer a university student

    If you’re purchasing for a present for a college pupil over the holidays, recall gifting a system rather than a couple of fresh bed sheets. As CNBC’s in-residence system reviewer, I even have some thoughts that I assume university students will honestly love, from streaming TV sticks to a clever audio system and portable gaming […]

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