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    Donald Trump is mad on the internet again

    In a few methods, it had regarded like Trump become receding into the sort of normal shitty republican president we realize—a doddering, senile determine honking the proverbial truck horn while the conservative equipment around him tirelessly worked to consolidate wealth and sell it as salvation to the very people they had been consolidating it from. […]

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    Millions of Pakistanis get messages warning against blasphemy

    Millions of Pakistanis had been receiving textual content messages from the authorities warning them against sharing “blasphemous” content material on-line, a move rights activists said might inspire greater vigilante assaults. It comes amid a surge in mob violence connected to accusations of insulting Islam which include three attacks within the past month “Uploading & sharing […]

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    A false sense of internet privacy

    Well, a clever character might likely tell you that it doesn’t exist, and you have to likely assume as lots as you spend time online. But in line with the spin from the Obama-generation Federal Communication Commission, privacy on the internet does exist, thanks to them. That’s what they say they did when they pushed […]

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    Cats Had Clout Long Before the Internet

    Nine lives before Grumpy Cat; way earlier than Keyboard Cat performed her first word, tom cats had been respected by means of visible artists—even without the means to put up them. Long before the Internet made their regular quirks and delights feasible to move viral, artists drew—and drew proposal from—cats of every kind. Cats, first […]

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    China to further tighten its Internet controls

    Beijing: China will further tighten its Internet policies with a pledge on Sunday to strengthen controls over search engines like google and yahoo and on-line news portals, the modern-day step in President Xi Jinping’s push to keep strict Communist Party manipulate over content. Xi has made China’s “cyber sovereignty” a pinnacle precedence in his sweeping […]

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    Roll Up Banner and Its Benefits

    Whether you own a small business or are a part of the marketing and advertising team of one, you are aware of exactly how limited your budget is. If you need to promote your brand, products, and services as and when you travel, you are going to need to utilise economic ways of advertising. When […]

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    What can the UN do if your country cuts the internet?

    It has been almost a yr on the grounds that net gets right of entry to was declared a human proper, but infringements retain. Between January and March 2017, net in English-speaking regions of Cameroon turned into reducing off for nearly a hundred days following protests over an attempt to pressure the use of French […]

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