• Internet Tips
    One simple way to keep your browsing history secret

    Sitting at domestic alone, browsing the net, it’s smooth to forget about what number of organizations are looking what you do. Your internet carrier provider is recording every web page you visit, Google is tracking your seek history, advertising corporations are monitoring your browsing records, the government is tracking who knows what. It is not […]

  • Internet Tips
    Detective offers Internet and cell phone safety tips

    The Mullica Hill Exchange Club as a community carrier undertaking invitations any young people, Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, from middle school to high school age to this remarkable event. This is offered now not simply to Scouts, however, provided to all, The event could be held on April 27 beginning at 7 p.M. And […]

  • Internet Tips
    Janesville police share internet safety tips for parents

    JANESVILLE, Wis. – Nowadays, statistics is only a click away, and from time to time that may be dangerous for children and teens. “Their motive may not be to go out and find strangers to speak to, however, these predators will find them,” Janesville police Lt. Terry Sheridan stated. The Janesville Police Department these days […]

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    What will ‘the great internet novel’ be like?

    It turned into a sluggish begin; but if the last couple of years are something to move by means of, the race to put in writing the definitive internet novel is now on. Why did it take so long? We’ve been online for decades. The internet might nevertheless be a courageous new world, however, it’s […]

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    Internet is the ‘future of education in Africa’

    A net is an imaginative tool that could enhance and transform Africa’s education area and make contributions to the economic transformation of African international locations, a new look at by using the Internet Society suggests. The study, whose effects were released at some stage in the simply-concluded two-day African Regional Internet and Development Dialogue in […]

  • Internet
    Donald Trump is mad on the internet again

    In a few methods, it had regarded like Trump become receding into the sort of normal shitty republican president we realize—a doddering, senile determine honking the proverbial truck horn while the conservative equipment around him tirelessly worked to consolidate wealth and sell it as salvation to the very people they had been consolidating it from. […]

  • Internet
    Millions of Pakistanis get messages warning against blasphemy

    Millions of Pakistanis had been receiving textual content messages from the authorities warning them against sharing “blasphemous” content material on-line, a move rights activists said might inspire greater vigilante assaults. It comes amid a surge in mob violence connected to accusations of insulting Islam which include three attacks within the past month “Uploading & sharing […]

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    A false sense of internet privacy

    Well, a clever character might likely tell you that it doesn’t exist, and you have to likely assume as lots as you spend time online. But in line with the spin from the Obama-generation Federal Communication Commission, privacy on the internet does exist, thanks to them. That’s what they say they did when they pushed […]

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